About Thrillpledge

Why no Commission?

ThrillPledge charges no commission on projects with targets below $10K USD because our aim is to help fund your career in Sports, not simply take a commission on your first pledge project. It is our hope that, at some point, we get to raise the equity financing that will help you realise your ultimate goal in Sports through our sister sites, ThrillCapital and the ThrillCapital Club.

While ThrillPledge takes no commission on projects with targets below $10K USD, the only time you will be charged is when your project is successful and some of your funding has come from backers who have pledged online using their Credit Card.

In this case, Paypal and Visa will charge a transaction fee ranging from 3.4% to 3.9% on the amount people pledge plus a fixed fee based on the currency received. Additional Paypal and Visa fees may apply for currency conversions.

Of course this is still a better deal being charged a commission by the funding platform in conjunction with any transaction fee

Do you have a project with a target above $10K USD? Get in touch with us, and we’ll see how we can help. Typically, the commission charged is to cover our costs only.

What else is different about ThrillPledge?

  • Sponsorship and Private Backing can also be included in a project’s funding tally at no cost to the project creator.
  • We focus solely on Sports.
  • With business partners in Asia/Pacific, the UK and US, we can provide you with international exposure and opportunities.

Our parent company, ThrillCapital, has been providing fan based funding solutions since 2007. Over this time, we have developed connections to talent and expertise across Sports. You can tap into this network to not only power your Crowdfunding campaign, but also help take your career from grass roots all the way to your professional debut ad beyond.

Why the focus on Sports?

Simply put, we figure that if you are going to Crowdfund, then you should go to where the crowds are - Sports!

How ThrillPlegde Works


Jono_lester Thrill Capital

"... Now grassroots talent using ThrillPledge will not only have a pathway to funding both domestically and internationally but also have unprecedented access to expertise and connections from ThrillCapital's larger network of Sports talent. What a great way to help jump start your career! I wish it had been around when I started out!"
Jono Lester, future Le Mans Champion