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Alright so you're on the ThrillPledge site, what happens now? The first thing to do is register. This ensures you have full access to the site and allows you to both make pledges and receive the rewards that are offered! Time to login and start exploring.

Once you have found a project that really excites you just click on it to view all their information including their background, goals, vision, past success etc. The righthand side of every profile will show the amount raised so far, what is still required, the rewards available and time remaining.

If you want to help the project along, select a reward from the list, we'll collect your credit card details (we don't actually keep them, we have super secret squirrel security measures), and your donation will appear on their page!

This donation you have made will be held in a separate account until the project is finished and, given it is successful, will then be transferred to the project holder. Rewards will be received in the period in which the pledgee stated with only the pledgee getting access to your contact details when you pledge.

If you are really passionate about a project there is more you can do than the backing you provide them. The more people that see or hear about the project the more potential funding so get their idea out there! Facebook and Twitter provide great avenues to get the word out about projects as well as talking to friends and family. We hope that you discover projects that truly excite you on ThrillPledge and that our platform provides a space where people can fund exceptional talent, we just need you to pledge your support.

Project Creators

Does your project fit?

ThrillPledge's platform is here to support a wide range of projects including Sports, Music, The Arts, Film & Video, Games & Apps and Publishing. If your idea is within these topics then we look forward to seeing your project on ThrillPledge! If you believe your project is truly worth funding and doesn't fit into one of these categories, email our team and we'll see what we can do!

Our site is targeted at individuals and groups who are aiming to achieve a specified goal. In saying this, our website therefore excludes charitable projects and those without a defined end date (for example starting a business).

Where to start?

So you've decided to display your idea on ThrillPledge? Great! There are a few key aspects to your project that will help you reach your funding goal! It is all about gaining attention. Therefore, a relevant, attention-grabbing title is a must! Second, the the short blurb of your title needs to detail who you are and what your goal is sufficiently whilst ensuring that it does not bore the potential pledger! We feel one of the most critical parts of your project is to include an exciting video about your project. People associate with videos and pictures far better than with words, which is useful to keep in mind when creating your project. Video's can be uploaded using a Youtube URL address (for more information see our help page).

Planning your Project!

So you have this wonderful idea, you like ThrillPledge and you know the general structure of how it all works? It is essential to plan your project. Alongside the project video and description you also need to develop some sort of awareness campaign on your own! There is only so much awareness provided by ThrillPledge and therefore it is critical you inform friends and family of how they can help you realise your goal! These people are a good start to generate interest in your project as well as getting your project funding off the ground. It is also essential to budget for your rewards and project fees (these will be discussed further down the page).

Project Rewards!

Providing incentives for the public to support your project will greatly enhance the potential for you to reach your funding goal. A range of rewards based on the amount backed provides different levels of motivation for people to back your project. Remember, these backers want to be a part of your project therefore personal, unique, project-related reward is more likely to encourage people to back you! Look around at other pledges to see what rewards they have offered. Some examples include personal thank-you letters, unique t-shirts, debut CDs or personal coaching lessons!

Project Timeline

To keep your project on track and within a reasonable timeframe we recommend you set a funding duration between 7 and 60 days. Some projects may take longer than others based on funding goals so we will leave you to decide on what best suits your project!

The Cost

ThrillPledge charges no commission on projects with targets below USD$10K because our aim is to help fund your career in Sports, not simply take a commission on your first pledge project. It is our hope that, at some point, we get to raise the equity financing through our sister sites, ThrillCapital and the ThrillCapital Club, which will help you realise your ultimate goal in Sports.

While ThrillPledge takes no commission on projects with targets below USD$10K, the only time you will be charged is when your project is successful and some of your funding has come from backers who have pledged online using their Credit Card.

In this case, Paypal and Visa will charge a 3.9% transaction fee plus a fixed fee based on the currency received from the amount people pledge. Additional fees may apply for international payments, including currency conversions.

Of course this is still a better deal being charged a commission by the funding platform in conjunction with any transaction fee

Do you have a project with a target above USD$10K? Get in touch with us, and we’ll see how we can help. Typically, the commission charged is to cover our costs only.

What else is different about ThrillPledge?

Sponsorship and Private Backing can also be included in a project’s funding tally at no cost to the project creator.

We focus solely on Sports.

With business partners in Asia/Pacific, the UK and US, we can provide you with international exposure and opportunities.

Our parent company, ThrillCapital, has been providing fan based funding solutions since 2007. Over this time, we have developed connections to talent and expertise across Sports. You can tap into this network to not only power your Crowdfunding campaign, but also help take your career from grass roots all the way to your professional debut ad beyond.

Why the focus on Sports?

Simply put, we figure that if you are going to Crowdfund, then you should go to where the crowds are - Sports!

So, what's your Project?

Whatever it is, no matter if it's local or international, as long as you are committed to seeing it happen we are here to help you! Along with providing a platform to promote your project to the public and encourage funding, ThrillPledge's network means if you are successful in creating and running projects you may be eligible to gain funding at the next level through ThrillCapital. If you are a sports person or film producer we can help you with multiple projects at the same time.